Our Products for Commercial applications:

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Commercial Solar
Solar energy for your business
Energy Efficient Roofing
Replace your failing roof to an energy efficient cool roof with UV reflection
Highest Efficiency Insulation
Insulation can help reducing energy costs of about 40%-50%, plus tax benefits
LED fixtures
lowering the energy usage by switching to LED can reduce the utility costs by about 30% on avergae
Energy Efficient Windows
Most heating and cooling goes right out the window. Our zero energy loss windows can lower your energy costs effectively
HVAC Systems
Save 20% to 40% with highest energy efficient HVAC systems
Solar Car Ports
Providing shade for your customers with solar car ports
EV Charging Stations
EV charging provides good customer service
Battery Backup & Management
Our proprietary battery management is unique and the utmost efficient world wide
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Our Commercial Solar Experience:


Solar is perhaps the most popular clean energy solution there is, at least at this moment. Government supported funding and tax incentives make going green a very attractive energy alternative for most property owners and businesses (see examples below).



Energy Efficient "Cool Roof" application

We install solar arrays on almost any roof! And if you are in need of a new roof, a reflective application is, hands down the best choice! The TPO material will always look good, giving your roof the desired brand new look (20 year warranty included). Additional energy savings is only one of the advantages for your business.

cool roof vs. traditional roof
cool roof applications for commercial buildings can save you thousands on energy costs
tpo 3ply torch down cool roof application
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Windows & Doors

Highest Energy Efficiency

With a wide variety of beautiful energy efficient windows and doors, we help you choose the right fit for your business. Besides the brand new curb appeal, you will enjoy the energy savings too. Your gas bill for heating (Winter time) and your electricity bill for cooling (Summer time) will drastically be reduced. In most cases the savings offset the investment in no time! 



save 20-50% of energy cost

Underestimated by the majority of business owners is the impact of insulation. Most homes and businesses have large amounts of energy loss throughout the ceiling and walls, resulting in thousands of dollars in utility bills. Save your hard earned cash today and let's insulate your building, the right way! Generally, we only use the highest quality products, producing the largest effect in your energy savings.



water-less landscaping

Invented in the deserts, dry-scaping has made it's way to all areas of California. This water-less yard design looks beautiful and saves you money instantly! California has seen its fair share of droughts where not only home owners, but business owners alike were not allowed to water their lawns! This resulted in ugly yards, which never truly recovered. Why not transform your yard into a beautiful desert oasis, without any water wasted?


high efficiency heating and cooling saves your business thousands


Have you ever wondered why your utility costs are so high?

In general, most businesses are built with inexpensive HVAC systems, performing at only 80% efficiency. After about 15 years these HVAC's degenerate to only about 50% efficiency, resulting in high utility spending. Our HVAC systems start at up to 98% efficiency! A smart change can result in an immediate 50% savings on your utility. 


EV Charging Stations

attract more customers with great service

Offering EV charging stations (free or pay) will ultimately attract more customers to your business. The government still gives you a tax break when supplying charging stations, however, the GREATEST benefit may be the marketing effect! If you have solar on your roof, then your EV is actually truly good for the environment!


Battery Backup

can also offset high demand charges

We offer smart battery technology, helping keeping your energy afloat. Our proprietary smart battery load technology not only generates power when the grid shuts down, but this energy solution can offset high cost demand charges from your utility provider, with the opportunity of charging overnight!

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED VS. Florescent will save you thousands


Fluorescent lights waste up to 90% more energy cost compared to our LED light fixtures. When switching to LED your business can sustain on a smaller solar array as well, saving you additional dollars.


Solar Car Ports

sun power for your business & shade for your customers

A great way to convert your business into energy efficient solar energy is providing shading for your customers. In particular, churches, shopping malls and medium sized grocery stores benefit from this great way of going solar.

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