Our Partner Options:

Thank you for your interest in becomeing a partner with us. We pride ourselves having the nationwide largest contractor and financing network available, provided through our market-leading Solar Sales CRM and newest technology!



Here is what we offer:
- Newest solar- and energy efficiency technology

- Easy to use complete CRM and financing solutions for your sales team:

- => Easy Lead input

- => Appointment scheduling

- => System sizing (automatic or overwrite)

- => Additional energy efficient upgrades addons

- => Proposal creation (automatically - instant)

- => Financing application (instant approval) PACE, unsecured financing, mortgages

- => Docusign financing and solar agreement

- => Job install tracking via your CRM

- => Reporing view of your sales team success



(click here to see how it works)



As soon we have NTP, our back office and install contractors will take it from here. You can follow the progress simply through your CRM. You will always know every detail about the process, from lead, sales to install.


The process for your sales team is easy:

Your complete sales team has individual access to our network CRM. In this CRM you will be able to track your sales from lead to finish (lead, appointment, sales, install and inspection).

You can concentrate on what you can do best, selling and growing your sales team.



Options for you to become a partner with us:

Option 1) $2.65pw - Baseline Partner

- Turnkey Install from start to finish

- You choose the products from our drop down

- You will receive every dollar above your baseline

- you can sell with your own sales company's branding

This option is for you when:

you have your own -customers, -company name, -sales team. We provide your CRM with a proven smooth sales flow, all available financing partners, nationwide installers and a smooth install flow.



Option 2) $3.50pw - SolEnergy Consulting Partner

- like Option 1. but with SolEnergy branding & additional warranties and services

This option is good when:

You have good customer contacts but need a great organization to provide you with all necessary backoffice work, know how, install history, our branding, help and our expertise.



Option 3) Commission based (closed group, currently not accepting new members)

- join our network and become a team member of SolEnergy Consulting.

- Sell all energy efficient products with us
adavntage of a proven business model and create unlimted income for you and your family

This option is good when:
You want a team working with you, need some training, newest clean energy concepts
and motivation.



Option 4) Training & Business Development

- Become a certified closer and start your own Clean Energy business.

This option is good when:

You want to get involved in the solar industry but need everything from training to service.

We will train you to:

- get familiar with all clean energy aspects

- generating your own leads

- pitch & close customers

- this is not commission based, you hire us to get you and your business developed from start to finish!



Other options possible, depending on experience!


Call or email us to discuss how we can help you succeed in the clean energy industry.

We are looking forward speaking with you.




David Rumbach


O: 415-944 7193

C: 510-200 8377


Will be in contact shortly!


Contact us TODAY to schedule your first consultation 855-222-0544

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