Market Leading

Energy Efficient Upgrades

for the Residential & Commercial industries

Our Research Team constantly scan the industry for market leading, proven products, helping clients make the right decision for their energy needs. We have a vast network of international strategic partners, giving us a 3-5 year head-start for our clients.

 In doing so, we offer more BANG for your BUCK!


ThermX (the HVAC "Turbo")

The Thermal solar heating enables the AC unit to work easier, with less effort while significantly reducing the energy used to cool your home or business.

Reducing the clients kw/h usage without limiting their comfort or amenities.

When ThermX™ is in operation and the sun is out, no other system in the world can match it for efficiency.

AE Solar Panels

(The first and only 100% hot-spot free solar module)

Averages 60% to 90% higher power output under real life conditions! Hot-Spots are dangerous, and shading issues will limit the power production. The AE panels are resistant to both these problems! We offer:

  • 30 year performance guarantee

  • PID free

  • Hot-Spot free

  • shade resistance

  • Sand & Corrosion resistance

  • Ammonia resistance

  • 370w / 19.6% efficiency

Crystal Battery Backup (with intelligent BMS)

This battery backup is state of the art, utmost safest and cleanest system available.

  • safer than lithium

  • double the life span than lithium

  • double capacity than lithium

  • same price as lithium

  • 100% recyclable

Great for the elimination of the Time-Of-Use and/or Demand charges AND sufficient battery backup for power outages. We offer applications for residential, commercial and utility size options!

The Cool Roof

Installing a cool roof, especially when a new roof is needed, works great to reduce the kw/h usage during the summer months.

Owens & Corning as well as our partner GAF offer 50 years, lifetime warranty.

For commercial, flat roof applications, cool roofs are available too and help tremendously by conserving the energy.


Attic or wall insulation will provide a great benefit to the clients resident. This energy efficient upgrade will not only lower the kw/h usage but gas for heating in the winter months as well.


Our strategic partners are the most known window manufacturers, except our windows don't have "expensive" branding.  Offering the highest energy transfer resistance and overall quality, saving the client large amounts of energy costs and giving their home a beautiful curb appeal. A great investment with a high ROI.

How we are different

Our business approach:

  • connect the client directly with the contractor

  • eliminate the middle man

  • save you thousands of dollars on total project cost

  • negotiate lowest install cost

  • commercial pricing for residential clients

  • newest technology

  • highest energy efficient products

  • market leading holistic consulting

  • longest warranties

  • and much more...

Free Consultation:

online, via phone or in-home.

The choice is yours :)

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