1) Does the roof qualify?

(check space and condition)

2) Does the main panel qualify?

(check amps size and condition)


your UTILITY provider

...but why?

Constant disasters caused by utility companies

2010 Gas Explosion in San Bruno, CA

"PG&E settles for $90 Million Dollars"

Guess who's paying for this...

Constant disasters caused by utility companies

2017 Wild Fires in

Santa Rosa, CA

"PG&E facing

$6 Billion Dollar Lawsuit"

2018 Latest Wild Fires in

Paradise, CA

a $11 Billion Dollar Lawsuit...

(PG&E just filed Chapter 11)

Guess who will be paying for this...


...and how about the ENVIRONMENT?

the place our kids and grand-kids will be living in...?

...another reason we have to act!!!


Cap and Trade since 2015!

Every year 81 tons of mercury is emitted into the atmosphere by our local utility providers in California!

California Utility providers are mandated to reduce their carbon emissions by 10% each year up to the year 2020. of many reasons the rates go up!!!

2019 Time of Use (TOU) is here!

PG&E’s “rate reform” in place since 08/2016,

a three-step rate increase till 04/2019

and it will not stop there…


lesser Tiers = quicker paying more for same usage

higher rate charges, as high as $0.59 per KWh = higher monthly bill

 “SMART METERING” transferring usage every 15 minutes!

...another reason the rates go up!!!


PG&E to increase by 50% in 2019


How far will it go?

"...there's only ONE way out!"

own your own power plant!


How does Solar work?


...but watch out!

you need Net-Metering (NEM) to be able to get paid!

  • NEM Cap: Every utility company is required to offer Net-Metering to customers until reaching its net-metering cap.


  • Get Solar NOW,

  • NEM could be over tomorrow!

...time is running out!

What's important (to you)?
Quality Solar Panels?
Quality Installation?
Efficiency & Power?
Warranty Terms?
Service & Maintenance?
Investment & Interest Rates?
Highest Efficiency Panels!
Highest Efficiency Inverters!
...but how do you find all this (and more)?
That's actually what we do!!!

We have more than 1500 professional installers available

Only TOP quality (Tier1) solar panels and inverters to choose from

We help YOU choose the right equipment for YOUR project

Only the best & longest warranty terms

ZERO down financing possible

Financing as low as 1.99% possible (limited time offer)

Government funding available

no credit = OK

Tax incentives available!!!

30% Tax Credit for 2019

(last chance)

Only $279.00 fee!

...if you like this approach, then let's continue


The Choice is Yours


Standard Tier 1 panels

90% kw/h utility offset

12 year MFG warranty

performance guarantee

most professional installation



Premium Tier 1 panels

100% kw/h PGE offset

25 year MFG warranty

limited lifetime warranty

25y performance guarantee

TOU battery backup

most professional installation




100% kw/h utility offset

25 year MFG warranty

limited lifetime warranty

30y. performance guarantee

TOU battery backup

most professional



promotions available