Sales Representative info:

We are excited about your interest in working with us. To make this short, below you will find some of our highlights, and hopefully, we have gotten your attention!

Here are some of the highlights:

Highest commission in the industry

We pay 14 % commission (plus a yearly bonus, which will be discussed)

...means more $$$ for you!

Lowest price per Watt  (PPW) in the industry

Residential & Commercial: We offer custom solar systems with the lowest pricing in the industry! We beat every solar pricing!

...means more sales closing for you!!!

We offer:

- Solar: multiple Tier 1 solar panels to choose from, PV, Thermal, ground mount, roof mount, carports, patio & pergola solar, Limited Lifetime Warranty,

- Inverters: multiple inverter typology to chose from, including SolarEdge with Optimizers!

- free monitoring & production warranty (more panels at no cost)

- Roofing (Owens & Corning with cool roof shingles),

- energy efficient Windows,

- energy efficient HVAC,

- amazing referral program, with guaranteed results!!!




Renovate America (HERO and Benji)

CalFirst/ Renewfinancial

& various unsecured lenders, for as low as 580 credit score!

as low as 1.99% for qualified homeowners!

PPA's, and much more...

Lead time:

Our average install time is about 3 weeks or less!

By the way:

We don't require you to quit where you are right now, you can simply offer this as a great alternate solution to your customers.

If this sounds like a good fit, then we would like to hear back from you!

you can also email us your resume at or contact us directly for more information and interview scheduling!

Looking forward hearing from you.

Your SEC Team

Contact us TODAY to schedule your first consultation 855-222-0544

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