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November 21, 2017

While most solar companies in cookie cutter manner slap the solar panels on the roofs... there are so many more options, if you think outside the box.

How about you add a winter garden or pergola to your house and create a beautiful additional living space for your family.

 On a winter-garden or pergola, we use bi-facial solar panels for the extra load of sun power and natural light ambient.

Or how about those cozy fireplaces and BBQ's style? You can create everything with the right solar contractor.

In the greater NorCal (northern California) area, we at SolEnergy Consulting find the perfect solar contractor for your solar needs.

Simply contact us at for a FREE site evaluation and solar estimate. Any solar winter-garden or pergola we build comes with a FREE ceiling fan of your choice.


See also our other blog posts. Solar on a boat; solar in a forest (yes it's possible); off the grid solar...

There is truly not one thing we can't do! Challenge us!

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