Performance Guarantee for a Solar System, important or not?!

November 25, 2017

Imagine, you just got your solar system (hopefully not overpriced) and its actually doing it's job, and probably tied into the grid for kW exchange with your utility provider... So far so good.


But now, think about it... What if the system doesn't create

enough energy over the course of 12 month to compensate for your energy usage! Yes, what if...?

Before we get to this, let's take a look how that could even possibly be.

Well, there could be many reasons. One, if the sales rep took advantage of you and didn't completely disclosure that he's selling you a system, smaller sized than you would need.

Or second, the solar company miscalculated the output perhaps didn't put shading or azimuth into account correctly.

Thirdly, the solar company hooked you up with cheaper equipment, perhaps with a string inverter.

Or, their pricing was so high that the only way they were able to make it fit your budget (and their profit) was to lower the amount of solar panels, hence not enough power output.

As you can see, there could be many reasons why you would be ending up with a bill from your utility provider after 12 month. This is resulting from the deficit of solar power, versus the amount of energy you actually used throughout the course of a year.

Now, here comes the solution you think? The greatly advertised "performance guaranty"? Yes exactly, but nope, not at all that great!

 Most solar companies want to you make you believe that they have you "covered", but be careful, it's not like it seems and you will most likely end up with a huge utility bill, while paying for your solar system. Be warned!

Here is what they actually promise:

most companies will give you $100 to help you with the, most likely $1000 true up bill (that's the utility bill you receive after 12 month). What does $100 dollar help you in this case?!

Next year you will face the same problem again.. you will fall short year after year, again and again.

Here is how a GOOD solar company sees the "performance guarantee":

Firstly, this would not have happened with a good solar company in the first place, since they probably would have taken all measures correctly to size up the perfect system for you. Also, they would have not sold you a smaller system just to fit your budget without your acknowledgement. But lastly, a good solar company measures the solar power output for you AND will install more solar panels on your roof, in the

case of shortage of solar power. Only this way will prevent this from happening again next year! Also, a good solar company would not only give you $100 towards your utility bill, caused by them, they would also pay the whole bill for you!

"Bam, that's what a real performance guarantee looks like!"

Look, there is a reason why we give our customers such a performance guarantee. No one else does that! So, why do we? Well, for us customer satisfaction is most priority and we also have seen a thing or two.

Remember to ALWAYS read the fine print whenever you sign a contract or agreement, the devil lays in the detail.


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