YOU need Solar Options

December 4, 2017

Nothing worse than a solar company trying to squeeze you into their sales pitch! Nowadays, the customer is getting smarter and doing some research. There are so many different solar panel manufacturer out there, different efficiencies, different lifespans, different designs, but which one would be the best for YOUR project?


Certainly, there are companies like Solar City, who only gives you one option on solar panels. Why? It's all to make it easier (and more profitable) for them! They buy large amounts from one manufacturer, giving them larger discounts, hence more gain for them. Rather then to have panels from a variety of solar panels manufacturer, providing a better choice for the customer, sacrificing company gains! That's the motto of SolEnergy Consulting! We put the customer first, providing a great selection for the customer. This way we can provide the utmost best solution for YOU.

Our selection of solar panels are not limited to:

SolarWorld, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Q-Cell by Hanwha, Hyundai, Canadian Solar, Jinko, and many more...



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