5 Reasons Why You should NOT go solar... with a solar company!

December 7, 2018

I know this sounds controversial but...

would you mind overpaying on a clean energy solution by a few thousand dollars? If not, then read no further.

But if you, like so many others, are overwhelmed by the flood of solar company offers, and you would like to find a real energy efficient solution for your home or business, then read on...


The 5 biggest problems in the solar industry today: 

1. There are simply too many solar companies out there! Most of them are just an angry "split-up" from other solar companies. They "rise & die." Don't get me wrong, there are some decent and honest solar companies out there, and competition is a good thing, but 99% of "solar guys" are not businessmen. They might know how to sell you a solar system, but may lack the  idea on how to run a successful business, ESPECIALLY  in such a competitive market. Just take a look at your Google-Maps, type in "solar" in your search and click on

a few of those locations. Most of them are not in business anymore, and you will also see hundreds of new ones, cursed to die off tomorrow...


What if you were to have chosen one of them? What if there is a problem after a few years with your system? Who will come out to fix it? Who will now pay for it? What's the warranty term worth if the company you went with is no longer in business?


Is there any solution for this? Yes, indeed and we will share it with you. Hang on...


2. The next problem is that 100% of the solar companies only can offer the solar panels they buy and stock. The same holds true for their inverters and racking system etc.. "A baker can't sell you the bread of the next doors store." This will leave your "great" solar solution to the mediocre selection of the company you listen to. This is also one of the reasons why you hear so many poor choices client's have made when it comes to solar.


3. Now let's talk about pricing. I am sure you are looking for the lowest possible pricing like everyone else.

But here is the thing, if a solar company offers their own installers, runs a payroll department, has a fancy office, its own roofing department, or WORST YET, their own sales team...

 All these factors contribute to a lot of overhead! Those solar companies have to over charge you a lot  in order to cover all their expenses, even on a rainy day where no roofer will work. The sales department itself accounts for about 20% of the total cost for your solar system. Wouldn't it be nice to save THAT right off the back?


4. How about financing your solar system? This is a whole other level of headache you will face. The average solar company does not function primarily as financial planners! It's as simple as that! We have seen all kinds of ugly financing situations for solar systems, you wouldn't believe it.

Some (unethical) solar sales guys try anything to get you signed up, even if it is with a lease. There are truly very limited situations when a solar lease would be a good thing. But in most cases it's a complete rip-off, leaving you with a bad investment. If you are offered to go solar with a lease (and you are NOT a non-profit organization) you need to ask yourself, what are the options once the lease is over in 20 or 25 years? Do I have to purchase the remaining products on my roof? Will they be taken back by the solar company (if they are even still in business) Who's paying for the removal? And what about the holes on my roof? *shrug*

What if I ever want to move before the lease is over?

It might be very difficult for the new homeowner, who obviously just stretched his/her credit to purchase your home, to get approved for your solar lease.

This might shrink the home buyers for your house to a very limited amount, making it difficult to sell.

Have you ever fallen for "solar for free"? There are many solar companies advertising / luring you in a sales pitch stating "solar is free" or "no cost solar" and so on.

 Obviously, it's never FREE... someone (most likely you) has to pay for it. Let's be honest.

Then there are also those solar sales guys who tell you that you are guaranteed to get the 30% tax credit, without even knowing how much taxes you are paying. (Note: the IRS can't give you more than you gave them first. So, always check with your tax professional if- and how much of the 30% tax credit you might get.)

This leads to our number 5 of "Why you should not choose a solar company to go solar."


5. Poorly trained, or even unethical sales guys exist, that is simply the reality! With this being said, the solar industry is definitely going to despise us for sharing all the ins and outs with you, but here is the thing, we rather "clean up" the solar industry and set higher standards, than to see this as a short term business model.

So, let's speak about the solar sales guys... first of all, most of them don't last. They are in for the quick money and don't want to spend the extra mile to educate themselves about solar. They will promise you "the world", everything you need to hear to close the deal. And if your system is too expensive out of the above reasons, they don't lower the price to make it affordable. Nope, they simply give you a smaller system size and state that it's enough to come up with the power you need. The problem now is, you will not know for at least 12 months if you made the right decision or not. The sales guy (and perhaps the company) is gone by then or restarted under a new name.

 And you will be left with a hefty "true-up" bill. That is the bill your utility company will send you when your system did not create enough energy.


Okay, after understanding the main reasons why you or someone else might be weary of going green.. 


What should we do? Is there a solution?


Of course there is, here is where we problem solve!


First off, we are not solar sales guys.

SolEnergy Consulting, as the name implies, is a consulting firm for energy efficient upgrades for properties, anywhere from industrial to residential.

To get this out of the way, we do charge a nominal consulting fee. But let us ask you this: Would you rather pay a nominal consulting fee, or the 20% sales commission of the sales rep? Charging a small consulting fee enables us to be completely independent for you. No commissions will ever lead us to "push" a product or agenda down your throat.

Second, we will connect you directly with the best contractor and installer, not the solar sales guys (nor solar companies). This alone will save you thousands of dollars.


Besides this, our team of specialists have a background in business development, financial planning and are professional energy specialists.











How does this serve you? Our team puts themselves in your shoes, and create the perfect, most affordable clean energy solution for you and your business (or home).


This is how we turn your meter backward, increasing your cash-flow, and increasing the value of your property within the first year.


What else sets us aside from a traditional solar company:

we offer additional warranties, just in case.

A. 100% performance guarantee! If the solar system didn't create the full amount of energy we promised (in a written agreement) then we will add more solar panels without any charge to you, AND we will pay the true-up bill assuming the miscalculation is on our end.

B. Additionally to the 25-year manufacturer warranty, we give you a lifetime warranty on your solar panels!

C. Because of  the collaborations we have with worldwide strategic partners, we always have the most innovative and advanced technology available to you.

D. We have a Money Back Guarantee: if you have offers from any solar company, we will beat it by at least $1000, or your money back! PERIOD!


Care to learn more about how you can save and invest your money back into your property? Click here to schedule a phone consultation to see if you qualify.


Want to see completed solar projects?

Visit our portfolio page:









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