Walmart VS. Tesla Lawsuit and how this will affect you!

August 25, 2019

For the past years we have educated about dangerous hot spot issues on solar panels. Despite of hundreds of roof fires already, this issue didn't get much of media coverage. This has now changed.


Walmart has 270 locations fitted with solar panels from Tesla (aka SolarCity). Throughout the past years already 7 of the Walmart locations had caught on fire due to issues with the solar system. That is about 3% and we are not at the end yet, we believe there will be more roof top fires coming.


Now the question will be, would you put solar panels on your roof knowing that there is a minimum of 3% chance of fire? Of course not, especially when there is an alternative, 100% safe!


Now, what exactly caused the fires on Walmart SolarCity/Tesla system?


The cause for the fires are so called "hot-spots" on solar panels. When there is the slightest shading from objects, or bird dropping, or any kind of debris, soiling, or a faulty cell within the solar panel, it's causing a hot spot. Meaning the power has to "squeeze" through the broken or shaded cell, which causes the material to overheat, causing melting, or in the Walmart case and many others, a roof fire.


All solar modules out there have the same issue, no matter which manufacturer! The only solar manufacturer who has a truly 100% hot spot FREE solar module is AE-Solar from Germany. They knew about this issue for a long time and have invented the only solar module with bypass diodes on every cell within the panel, which prevents the failure from happening. No hot spots, no fires! This technology is protected and patented so at this time AE-Solar is the only company with this hot-spot free (HSF) technology.


If you are thinking about going solar, ask your solar company for the AE-Solar modules, the only 100% HSF module there is. Stay safe, protect your investment and your family from solar fires.


What will happen to the Walmart - Tesla lawsuit? We will find out, but we think this will cost millions to fix. Meanwhile, spread the word, please share this article to help others too to make the right decision selecting the best and safest solar panels for their project. And the good thing, it's even available for the same cost as "standard" solar modules. We say, this is a "no-brainer".


The hot spot free AE-Solar solar panels are available at or any reputable solar company.


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